Social Media Marketing

We live in a time where technology is the centerpiece of society

and the ability to communicate, share, and connect with others is achieved through social media platforms. Big Deal Marketing knows that successful brands are not only able to meet the demands of their customers, but they are also able to reach them effectively with a clear and concise message that draws interest and brings business.

That’s why we use platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest to advertise your business and make you a BIG DEAL!


Big Deal Marketing helps you clearly define your target audience and create content

to attract potential clients through the use of informational pieces, branded content, videos/photography, and other curated content. And don’t forget about your current fans! We handle the traffic your platforms already generate and manage reviews, comments, questions, and any other online customer interactions.

Content Creation

A successful business needs to stay fresh, relevant, and unique to dominate the market

Shouldn’t that extend to marketing strategy? That’s why we keep your platforms updated with the latest news, events, and service offerings. We can make sure any and all content is created specifically for you with your name and logo to set you apart from the competition.


Marketing is all about consistency and the ability to stay front-of-mind for your clients as a solution to their needs.

To achieve this goal, we keep your branded content on a customized schedule across your social media platforms to ensure that your business is represented harmoniously. You can rely on Big Deal Marketing to never miss a beat when it comes to managing your social media!