The Dreaded Locked-In Contract

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I remember my senior year of high school like it was yesterday (which, by the way, it was not). It was an entire year filled with football games, cheerleading, friendships, parties, and clearly not enough studying or homework.


The grand finale of this season of selfish debauchery was the senior party thrown by my high school the night after graduation, possibly as a way of thwarting underage drinking and driving. I will say this—they achieved one of their goals that year. You see, the senior party was a lock-in. The party lasted all night long.


I remember hearing many things on graduation day: I was so young, I had my whole life ahead of me, my life was just beginning…and there was some truth in all of those things, but what was the biggest truth of the day? My senior party was one of the few times in my adult life when I have been able to use the term “lock-in” without it being a total downer! The only reason I’m even qualifying this with a “few” is that my husband and I happen to have a killer locked-in rate on our mortgage, and I don’t want to sound ungrateful to our mortgage banker.


Think about it. Most of the time we get “locked into” contracts because it’s just expected. We lock-in contracts with cell phone companies, cable television companies, home security systems…the list goes on and on.


Oh, and here’s the kicker! Before you’re locked into the contract, you have to buy all of the equipment. Doesn’t buying the equipment for the service from said company generally imply that you are ready to do business with them? I would think so. Not with these guys—they want the kit and the caboodle. You’ve got to buy all the stuff and sign away your firstborn. So, once you drop a cool $200–$500 bucks, you have to sign on the dotted line and they “lock you in” nice and cozy-like for a year or two.


Don’t get me wrong, I would be totally cool with the lock-up (er, I mean lock-in) if it came with some VIP, top customer treatment. We have, after all, paid for all the stuff and signed the contract—we should be one of their best clients, right? Wrong. We’re just like everyone else, clanking our metal cup against the bars of the contract that we’re locked into for the next two years while we get mediocre service at best.


Well, not here folks. We don’t lock you into any contract at Big Deal Marketing. We believe that a yes should be a yes and a no should be a no, and most of all, the results we deliver should keep bringing you back for more. At Big Deal Marketing, we promise to market your business just as hard as we would our own, but with your goals and vision in mind. We won’t ask you to buy any product or service that you don’t need.


While Big Deal Marketing is working for you, we will meet at least once a month so that we can show you how your sites are charting and your views and clickthroughs are increasing and converting to sales so that you can see what your ROI looks like with regard to your marketing spend. If at any time you don’t feel you’re getting what we promised, you can simply walk away from our partnership—you are not contractually bound.

If you’re tired of being locked in and want to free yourself and your company from contract marketing, give us a call. We’re here to help!

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