Intuit Announces Acquisition Of Mailchimp

Sep 16, 2021


This just in: Monday, September 13 Intuit announced the acquisition of email marketing software startup Mailchimp in a $12 billion deal.

While Intuit itself may not ring any bells, you’ll certainly recognize the software and brands they’ve developed, which include TurboTax, Credit Karma, Mint, and Quickbooks, and with the acquisition of Mailchimp, Intuit accelerates its previously-shared vision to become the center of small business growth.

“We’re focused on powering prosperity around the world for consumers and small businesses. Together, Mailchimp and QuickBooks will help solve small and mid-market businesses’ biggest barriers to growth: getting and retaining customers,” said Sasan Goodarzi, CEO of Intuit. 

“Expanding our platform to be at the center of small and mid-market business growth helps them overcome their most important financial challenges. Adding Mailchimp furthers our vision to provide an end-to-end customer growth platform to help our customers grow and run their businesses, putting the power of data in their hands to thrive.”

Together, Intuit and Mailchimp will work to deliver on the vision of an innovative, end-to-end customer growth platform for small and mid-market businesses – from customer relationships to payroll and everything in between. 

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