Press Release Tips And Tricks

Jul 19, 2021

Press releases are a widely utilized, invaluable marketing tool for businesses, but with journalists across the globe sifting through thousands of press releases per day, it’s important to understand the nuance of crafting an information and engaging release in order to get your story or message noticed.

Though the practice is generally regarded as an acquired skill, we have a few tips and tricks to share to get you going:

ONE: Keep if brief but informative.

We all know that the news cycle can get pretty intense, and so it pays to make sure your content is as clear as it is concise. Journalists and readers will want to feel sufficiently informed, but not overwhelmed. A great way to keep it brief is to remember to include links to more information instead of packing in more paragraphs.

TWO: Include quotes.

Including quotes in your press release can work in your favor in lots of different ways, depending on how you utilize them or what your angle is. They can humanize your press release and trigger empathy, or they can lend an air of authority to your piece, positioning you as a knowledgeable expert on the topic you’re presenting.

THREE: Remember to show and tell.

Press releases with a visual element have been known to get up to 3x more views than those without. To get the full effect, make sure your multimedia is both relevant and high quality.

With these tips and tricks, your press release is well on its way to getting you and your message noticed!

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