Understanding The New Facebook Content Report And What It Means For Your Business

Aug 26, 2021

This August, Facebook introduced the Widely Viewed Content Report – the first in a series of reports that aim to provide transparency and insight into what sort of content Facebook users are viewing and engaging with in their news feeds. The report captures data from Facebook users in the United States between April 1, 2021 to June 30, 2021. 

Noteworthy Takeaways From The Q2 2021 Report 

  • Most content views for organic content came from posts shared by friends and family (57%) and posts from groups users have joined (19%). 
  • The vast majority of this highly viewed content (87%) did not include a link. 
  • In fact, posts from pages that included a link only made up 6.6% of organic news feed content views. 
  • The most widely viewed posts and pages focus on sharing relatable content. 

What Does This Mean For You And Your Business?

Relying on organic views and engagement isn’t likely to help you achieve your business goals. As evidenced in Facebook’s Content Report, organic content from pages make up a very small percentage of what users see on their Facebook news feed. Putting a few dollars into boosted posts and crafted ads are a sure way to help combat this, and to get your content in front of your intended audience. 

With the platform clearly prioritizing content from family and friends or relatable content with images, it’s high time to rethink how you’re engaging with your audience. While there’s no one size fits all social strategy, the age old 80/20 rule – a rule which states that 80% of your content should educate or entertain while only 20% of your content should directly promote your business – exists as a standard baseline for a reason: people are on social media to be social and to be entertained, not to be subjected to a mass of online sales pitches. This means in order for your business to be successful on social media, and to successfully convert your followers to customers, you first need to be able to speak to your audience on a human level. Entertain them! Educate them. Developing these positive interactions will create a sense of community and trust with your audience, and that goes a long way towards creating loyal customers. 

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