How To Do Effective Email Marketing

Aug 1, 2022


Case closed. The verdict is in. Email marketing is still a relevant and powerful tool for marketers. To find out why we’re so convinced about this, read until the end! 

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about HOW to do effective email marketing. 


Powerful Subject Lines


The first thing people will see of your email is the subject line. So it’s important to make it attention-grabbing. There are a few different ways to do this. One effective method is to make your headlines mysterious or ambiguous. This is effective because of a psychological principle…

People CAN’T resist a mystery

Put a slightly different way, when you present people with a mystery, they feel an irresistible need to try and solve it. In the case of your subject line being mysterious, your audience will feel they need to open your email to solve the puzzle.

Here are a few subject line examples from copywriter Frank Kern:

  1. “Very Important (please read)”
  2. “DUDE. OPEN UP. (this is crazy.)”
  3. “WARNING”


The 9-Word Email


One of the email formats you should use in your email marketing strategy is Dean Jackson’s “9 Word Email”. It goes, “[Name], are you still looking for a [what your lead inquired about].” 

Citing some studies, Dean shares that a little over 50% of people who contact your business for information about your product or service will buy from you within 18 months. Only 15% of people will buy within the first 3 months. This leaves 85% of people who will buy from you after more than 90 days. With these statistics, he advises that every business should have a system in place to target what most businesses consider “bad leads”. Do this, and you won’t leave any money on the table!


The 6 Types of Email


So as not to reinvent the wheel, we’ll take a look at the email marketing strategy of well-known copywriter Alex Cattoni. She says there are 6 different types of emails she likes to send whenever she works on a new product launch, in the following order:


1. Introduce your product or service:

This is where you tell your audience why your offer is the best answer to that big issue they’ve been dealing with. Also, let them know how they can place an order of your product along with a message about when they can expect to receive it. Be sure to also include the price of your offer as well.

2. Share the benefits of your offer:

At this point, you’ll want to tell people about the value they’ll get from your offer. A quick example: if you’re selling an exercise program, you emphasize the energy, focus, and confidence their potential weight loss will produce. Avoid the common mistake of emphasizing all the cool tech that comes with your product.

3. Give your audience an incentive and produce a sense of scarcity:

Here you’ll tell your audience why they should make their purchase immediately! People are more likely to buy if they feel that they have a limited window of opportunity to do so. To continue the exercise program example, you might tell your audience that only the first 100 customers will receive 3 months of free customized personal training and a nutrition plan.

4. Social proof:

Now you’ll want to show your audience all the people praising you for your amazing offer. There are many different ways to do this. One of the most popular is to show off your endorsements. If there’s a well-known public figure who is known to be knowledgeable in your field, get a quote of them gushing over your offer. Or, if you have stand-out reviews from your customers, feature those on your email. Also, if you’re featured in any publications or web articles in a positive light, make sure to let your audience know. All this makes you look trustworthy and credible.

5. Overcome objections:

Then you want to address any potential doubts your customers might have about your product. I’ll tap the exercise program example one more time. Let’s say you anticipate that your audience will think, “This is just another program where I won’t get any real results.” You might say, “If you don’t get your dream body within 3 days of using our program, we’ll give you all your money back!”

6. Doors Closing:

Lastly, you’ll want to let your audience know that your offer is coming to a close. This is another opportunity to create a sense of urgency, show more social proof, share the benefits of your offer, and overcome objections in hopes that they will finally buy.


Closing Your Emails


With these emails, you want to conclude them with a P.S. You’ll want to do this because people tend to read the first and last thing you write. This is a good spot to make one last case to your potential customer that they should buy your product. 

Again, you’ll want to create a sense of urgency, show social proof, talk about the benefits of your product or service, and overcome objections.

As we said, email marketing continues to be a powerful means of marketing for every business. Look below to see the stats that make us think every marketer should hop on the email marketing train!



If you’re now convinced that your brand or business would highly benefit from this powerful tool, Big Deal Marketing is your team. To get in contact with us, click here.


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