Three Tips For A Successful Email Blast

Jan 3, 2022

Newsletters are an important part of any digital marketing strategy, but what about its short form counterpart, the email blast? 

Eblasts are a great communication tool that have the potential to drive even more clicks than newsletters. Where newsletters generally convey a mass of information, eblasts are short and to the point, meaning you can more easily grab your consumers attention and drive them towards one clear objective. 

Use these tips to to make sure your eblast is a successful one: 

Keep Your Design Sweet And Simple

Anything that feels visually overwhelming at a glance indicates to subscribers that it’s going to take some time to discern exactly what it is you’re trying to say, and at that point you’ve already lost them. 

Combat short attention spans with a minimal design and some well placed, eye-catching visuals that serve to capture and, most importantly, keep their attention. 

Speaking of short attention spans, did you know that the average person’s is shorter than that of a goldfish? 

Cut The Fluff

With how much time and effort you put into your email blasts, it can feel like anything less than a long form newsletter is a waste, but is that really the case? In short, no. 

You’re far more likely to meet your goal if your subscribers can focus on only one ask. If your primary goal is to drive consumers to fill out a lead form on your website, don’t bury it underneath announcements and industry news. Make it the main event! 

Create Copy That Converts

The key to great eblast copy? Keep it brief. 

The fact of the matter is, brief copy performs better. In fact, email copy between 50 to 25 words results in response rates over 50%. Keep this in mind as a guideline when crafting your copy and you’re bound to see higher KPI’s (key performance indicators). 

Some other great copy tactics to consider when writing up your email blast include: 

  • Make it urgent. Creating a sense of urgency can drive your subscribers to take action. (Ex: “limited time only” or “last chance to sign up”) 
  • Make it scarce. Make it clear that spots or products are limited. If you can share a figure to drive this point home, even better! (Ex: “only five spots left” or “while supplies last”)

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